The idea behind…

Originally the basis for my art was music collages inspired by the authentic story about the castrated singer Farinelli from the Renaissance.


Tanken bag

The Rennaissance, the Gothic and the Baroque era have always acted as my starting point, and this inspired me to go on research travels, primarly to Rome. The buildings from these time periods, the old historical documents, the relics, and other elements with patina symbolize authenticity, soul and charisma.


To hold original elements makes you step back in time and think of the people who produced them. Take for example the crest depicted on an old coin, which may lead your thoughts back to man’s original roots.



Through the years I have developed patination techiques, which primarily consists in adding patina to copper, gold and brass, and this is a very slow tecnique. On my research travels I find these old lements, which I have chosen to perpetuate through my art.




All of my work is branded on the back with a personal seal, date and signature, and it always includes a description of the origin of the elements, and a Latin translation in the case where Latin appears.



My incentive is to encourage curiousity and a positive historical dialogue about the past glory of Europe.