Welcome to my Artistic Universe of mix form / mixed media. The technique has been developed in 3D format with ancient historical documents, combined with original old materials and patination developed over time.


For several years I have exhibited and sold my work via art galleries at home and abroad, but also via Art Dealers primarily in Sweden. Additionally I exhibit my work through different Art Associations in Denmark. I only produce a small amount of work. I it essential that my work is always of the best quality.


I was born in 1973 and began my independent work as an artist in 2000.



My debut abroad was in 2009, as my work was exhibited at the international censored “Biennale Internazionale Dell√†rte Contemporanea” in Florence, which was attended by 643 artists from across the world. In Denmark I am affiliated with two art groups: “Firenzekunstnerne” and “QvadrART”. Additionally I am assigned permanently to “Galleri Nord” and “Galleri Ulriksholm Slot”.
Finally, I want to thank you for your interest in my art and I hope that this website will encourage you to see my work “live”, because that’s how art should be experienced.



I hope that we shall meet again soon
Painter / Visual artist Mette Glassy